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Sleep like a baby


"It is 6pm and I can already feel anxious thoughts invading my mind about how many times Ashton will wake up tonight. I feel like I am at the end of my tether as he screams so much at bedtime and then through the night he wakes every hour until he decides it’s time to start his day at 5am…” 

Ashton and the muffins

 Few things are more delightful than the joyful sound of children's laughter floating through your home, however, keeping children sufficiently occupied during these 2 weeks off from school can feel like a full-time occupation. Just how can a parent turn bored whining into fun-filled laughter? Fortunately, you need not spend a small fortune on taking your children out to a different exciting venue every day, with a little imagination and patience, you can make a "stay-cation" at home a very memorable and enjoyable time for your little ones. 

fussy eaters

"I don't like it," he says with a screwed-up face.

"You haven't even tried it!" you say.

This conversation, and variations of it, occur daily in families the world over, so how do we get the proper nutrition into our youngsters with their co-operation? Here are a few tricks that you may want to try. 

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