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It’s that time of year again; hurrying the kids out the door for school! With all the craziness in the morning to get the kids ready, along with the madness that happens after school, preparing them healthy snacks can become lost in the mix. Let’s face it… kids as well as adults have some pretty inconsistent eating habits. Snacking now appears to be a necessary part of everyday life as many children seem to burn through food very fast. Growing up as a kid, I still remember keeping an eye on the classroom clock, waiting for 10.15 am for snack time, I felt so eager to open my lunch box and find all the delicious healthy snacks. My dad used to pack biscuit crackers and all-time favourite The Laughing Cow cheese. The fact of the matter is that young children have smaller stomachs than adults, so they need to eat small quantities of food every few hours to keep their energy levels up and get the right amount of nutrients. 



There are many proud moments in a parent’s life but surely one of them has to be watching your own child perform in a Musical on the big stage in front of a thousand spectators. With bated breath, parents and their guests were kept on the edge of their seats for an hour and a half watching our youngsters perform our first ever School Musical at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI) Auditorium in Mauritius a few days ago…and boy were they good! Stage fright nor general fear of public appearance had no place amongst the children; they were just so excited to do what they had been preparing for: singing and acting their way into the hearts of the crowd. Many have asked me how this became possible and I thought it would be good to share some of what has been an incredible journey over the last several months. 



After an extended rainy weekend during which Mauritius dodged a bullet as Tropical Cyclone “Haliba” slowly disappeared, the Heavy Rain Warning was lifted just in time for today’s national celebrations. Tomorrow, the 12th March 2015, marks the 47th anniversary of Mauritius’ claim to independence from the British, and as per the tradition, a flag-raising ceremony is held across all schools on the day prior. Teachers and students had been preparing for this day of celebration for weeks: dance performances had been rehearsed, festive decorations had been ordered, the bouncy castles had been organised, the lawns had been cut last Friday … My heart almost sank as I looked outside through the window this morning. As the rain bucketed down, a wall of fog cascading down the mountain range, wind blowing a gale and a power cut thrown in for good measure, I wondered how this celebration would play out. 

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