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On 2nd March 2017, Dukesbridge Primary students took part in World Book Day. This is a day where children all over the UK celebrate and appreciate reading their favourite books, as well as discovering new ones. To get into the spirit of the day, the children came to school dressed as a character in their favourite book. The whole day was filled with book-themed activities such as the mad-hatter tea-party hosted by our very own Miss Kirsty dressed as Alice in Wonderland. It was great to see everyone so involved and excited about reading!



It’s Friday afternoon. As the van pulls up outside the Dukesbridge school gates, our little ones squeal with delight. It’s finally time to board. With faces beaming with excitement, we make our way to the stables for our weekly horse-riding lesson.

I love animals. I have two dogs at home and have always thought that they were a man’s best companion. However, since I have started accompanying the children to the stables, I have been pleasantly surprised to see how equally loving and friendly horses can be. The children and I have since developed a strong bond with these animals. Our little pony “Noisette” and a bigger one “Letchi” are our favourites, and it seems that even they are super excited to see us every week. 



Out of all the traditional games I used to play a couple of decades ago in Mauritius, my absolute favourite was “La marelle”. Well, I thought it was a traditional Mauritian one until I joined Dukesbridge a few years ago and discovered that it is a widely played game all around the world, the English name for it being “Hopscotch”! As I showed my students how to play it last week, I was taken back to my own kindergarten years and relived some cherished memories of having fun playing with friends in the village.  

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