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Last week, Dukesbridge celebrated a milestone: the inauguration of Dukesbridge Primary school in Trianon. A great achievement for Dukesbridge which now comprises seven campuses in Mauritius after being established just over three years ago.

After a whole year of construction, the Trianon Campus has been finally unveiled. It provides all the facilities for a modern primary school of international standards ranging from a well-equipped playground (notice the giant blue and yellow crown inspired by the Dukesbridge logo) to designated male/female toilet facilities on each floor.



No detail has been spared: the school bell next to the principal’s office, the high-back wing armchair in the library (yellow of course!), the “D” for Dukesbridge on every gate on the compound, the high stools around a long island benchtop in the kitchen for students to enjoy cooking lessons…the list goes on! Whilst the classrooms have been designed with trapezium-shaped desks to facilitate learning in a collaborative way, Dukesbridge has drawn from Australian educational approaches to promote the outdoors as a learning environment. As such, the campus at Trianon features a sizeable paved courtyard, beautiful lawn on two sides of the building, a covered terrace with breath-taking views of the Moka mountain range as well as a Manhattan-style roof-top terrace decked with green turf, bean bags and lounges – as Lady Sarojni Jugnauth commented “perfect spot for the students to have their geography lesson on a sunny day!”. 



Oh yes, so Lady Sarojni Jugnauth, the former First Lady of Mauritius, was one of our guests of Honour for the celebrations. She shares a special link with Dukesbridge in that she was the school inspector at Aryan Vedic school at the time our founder, Rishi Nursimulu, was himself a primary school student. Alongside Lady Jugnauth, we had the honour of hosting Her Excellency Ms Jenny Dee, the High Commissioner of Australia. The launch date was specifically set for the 26th January 2018, Australia Day, a day which means a lot for our Australian Director, Shannon Briggs Nursimulu, who is passionately making an Australian contribution to the Mauritian community.



I was part of the organising committee for this event, and it was a great experience for me personally. Amidst all the meticulous organising and planning, we encountered some fairly big challenges. For instance, one of the most severe electrical storms ever experienced on the island blazed across the skies during the entire night on 24th January 2018, continuous heavy rain caused major flood damage everywhere and in the morning, the eve of our inauguration day, the Government announced the suspension of all schools for students! There was a moment or two of panic when I thought we would have to cancel the event altogether, but the resilience of the Dukesbridge team carried us through. Braving the weather and physical obstacles on their way, the entire crew all gathered at the Trianon campus and worked hand in hand to clear up the damage, restore the building and set up for the launch ceremony, irrespective of their position or title. Like a colony of ants, the staff were spread everywhere in the building and only left when the preparations were all done. By then, the clouds had cleared, and the sun had come out – somehow I believe that God had seen our hard work and wanted to reward us! 




On D-day, as I arrived at Trianon, the school building draped with blue and yellow bunting behind a trio of national flags was truly spectacular. Everything went exactly according to plans. Children from all our campuses performed a short version of last year’s school musical play for our guests, and in their speeches, Lady Jugnauth and Ms Dee congratulated our team for making a difference in the education system here in Mauritius.




After the ribbon cutting and unveiling of the inauguration plaque, Mrs Soolekha Jepaul Raddhoa, the Mayor of Quatre Bornes, rang the school bell to announce the start of the guided tour of the facilities. And what a tour it was! Guests got to witness school activities happening at every corner: a cooking lesson, an Australian aboriginal painting session, ballet dance lesson, Karate demonstration, live football training on the field, a live story telling by a teacher, etc. A reminder of the ethos of Dukesbridge which aims at developing the overall personality of our young ones by combining academic excellence with a panoply of extracurricular activities.



The launch of Dukesbridge Primary will be a day that we will never forget. Particularly as this is my last month with the school, as I leave soon to embark on a personal family project, I cannot but feel emotional and so proud to have been part of this team, wearing my Dukesbridge blue uniform and standing next to a group of passionate history makers. I believe that to create a better world, the work starts at an early stage, children’s upbringing in a harmonious and happy environment being a defining factor for society’s future. Dukesbridge is among those institutions which are working hard towards this, and I commend Rishi and Shannon Nursimulu for all their efforts and cannot wait for Dukesbridge Primary extension in the North. I will remain their biggest fan!





By Sana Mohung


Dukesbridge North




  • Thaswinee Saturday, 03 February 2018 19:56 posted by Thaswinee

    The aim of the life lies in pushing your limitation always; you have successfully made this thing possible your achievement is the result of your efforts. Give your best in the future and I wish you achieve every success in your life. A big congratulation for you.

  • Hamanda Mardiapoulle Saturday, 03 February 2018 18:56 posted by Hamanda Mardiapoulle

    Beautifully written Sana! And we will miss u in North Campus ! Best of luck for your future endeavour! God bless and take care ❤


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