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Dukesbridge caters for children aged 2 to 5 in Mauritius and currently operates out of four campuses located in Moka, Vacoas, Curepipe and Port Louis.  Its origin dates back to 1992 when its sister school, Les Marionnettes, was founded by two primary school teaching veterans to meet the childcare needs of the Quatre-Bornes community.  From its humble beginnings, the school has evolved into a full-fledged nursery, pre-primary and primary education hub welcoming children from across the island.  Backed by the growing demand of parents, Dukesbridge was launched as an English-Medium preparatory school.


All through fun and play, our educators have been fully trained to care, equip and empower every child according to his or her current developmental stage and needs.  We strongly believe in developing a child’s confidence as well as inculcating an awareness of the child’s surrounding environment from an early age.  Our all-rounder approach is aimed at nurturing the child’s intellectual and communication skills while at the same time placing value on multi-disciplinary extracurricular activities such as music, dance and sports.


Dukesbridge offers an international proposition to pre-schooling in Mauritius at reasonable rates.  The cornerstone of our success is the trusted partnership between the school and the parents.  Our differentiated approach is child and parent centered; we listen to your child but we also work with you.  Parents have an individual login which gives them access to their child’s daily journal, an opportunity to follow the classroom programme and even suggested activities at home that align with the child’s learning progression.  This reflects our commitment to deploy our best efforts in ensuring that your child thrives and flourishes.

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Registration Process and Fees

Prospective parents are advised to contact the administrative department of the school for any enquiries and for the enrolment process. Admission is subject to availability of places and is at the discretion of Management. Whilst admission to the nursery takes place once the child turns 2, it is advisable to put the name of the child down for enrolment at the earliest opportunity. The child automatically transitions to the pre-primary school upon turning 3. Children from both Mauritian resident and non-resident backgrounds are accepted, however a commitment to using the English language at home is required by the parents.


Non-refundable Registration Fee of Rs6,000 to be paid upon completing the Dukesbridge admission form

Annual Fees of Rs. 5,100 to be paid at beginning of the year to cover course material.


Rs. 3,200
per month

  • 9am to 2pm*
  • Tuition
  • Activities
  • Lunch

Afterschool Club
Rs. 800
per month

  • 2pm to 5pm*
  • Activities
  • Games
  • Media

Depends on location

  • Organised by School
  • Vetted driver & van
  • Insured vehicle
  • Secure service

Holiday Club
Depends on duration

  • 9am to 3pm**
  • Activities
  • Games
  • Skills development

* Sessions available during School term dates, on weekdays as set by the Ministry of Education

** Sessions available on weekdays during the holiday period.

Fees are subject to change at Management's discretion and parents will be given ample notice beforehand.

Latest News





Happy World Book Day!


On 2nd March 2017, Dukesbridge Primary students took part in World Book Day. This is a day where children all over the UK celebrate and appreciate reading their favourite books, as well as discovering new ones. To get into the spirit of the day, the children came to school dressed as a character in their favourite book. The whole day was filled with book-themed activities such as the mad-hatter tea-party hosted by our very own Miss Kirsty dressed as Alice in Wonderland. It was great to see everyone so involved and excited about reading!



In the saddle


It’s Friday afternoon. As the van pulls up outside the Dukesbridge school gates, our little ones squeal with delight. It’s finally time to board. With faces beaming with excitement, we make our way to the stables for our weekly horse-riding lesson.

I love animals. I have two dogs at home and have always thought that they were a man’s best companion. However, since I have started accompanying the children to the stables, I have been pleasantly surprised to see how equally loving and friendly horses can be. The children and I have since developed a strong bond with these animals. Our little pony “Noisette” and a bigger one “Letchi” are our favourites, and it seems that even they are super excited to see us every week. 



My work is PLAY!


Out of all the traditional games I used to play a couple of decades ago in Mauritius, my absolute favourite was “La marelle”. Well, I thought it was a traditional Mauritian one until I joined Dukesbridge a few years ago and discovered that it is a widely played game all around the world, the English name for it being “Hopscotch”! As I showed my students how to play it last week, I was taken back to my own kindergarten years and relived some cherished memories of having fun playing with friends in the village.  


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Dukesbridge holds campuses in Moka (Off Gentilly Road), Vacoas (Saint Paul Road), Curepipe (Royal Rd, Forest Side) and Port Louis (Motorway, Soreze).

- 230 698 0216 / 5290 6703

Port Louis (M1 Motorway, Sorèze)

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