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Launched in 2014 with the aim of providing to children aged 2 to 11 a solid yet affordable education, Dukesbridge uses an Australian programme adapted for the Mauritian context. From its humble beginnings in 2014, the school has evolved into a full-fledged nursery, pre-primary and primary education hub welcoming children from across the island. Encouraged by the positive impact it was having on the community, Dukesbridge has grown into 5 preschool campuses located in Moka, Vacoas, Curepipe, Port-Louis and Pamplemousses, and a primary school campus in Trianon, Ebène.


All through fun and play, our educators have been fully trained to care, equip and empower every child according to his or her current developmental stage and needs.  We strongly believe in developing a child’s confidence as well as inculcating an awareness of the child’s surrounding environment from an early age.  Our all-rounder approach is aimed at nurturing the child’s intellectual and communication skills while at the same time placing value on multi-disciplinary extracurricular activities such as music, dance and sports.


Dukesbridge offers an international proposition to pre-schooling in Mauritius at reasonable rates.  The cornerstone of our success is the trusted partnership between the school and the parents.  Our differentiated approach is child and parent centered; we listen to your child but we also work with you.  Parents have an individual login which gives them access to their child’s daily journal, an opportunity to follow the classroom programme and even suggested activities at home that align with the child’s learning progression.  This reflects our commitment to deploy our best efforts in ensuring that your child thrives and flourishes.

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Registration Process and Fees

The introduction to Dukesbridge preschooling occurs in the year a child turns 2. Children as young as 18 months old embark on our TOTS programme which is a fun way to discover, learn and explore over 100 words of English vocabulary and basic concepts. The TOTS programme equips the learner for Phonics, an internationally acclaimed method to learn reading and writing, introduced in the year the child turns 3. Accordingly, all our beginners go through our TOTS programme before they transition into the pre-primary classes.


Admission is subject to availability of places and is at the discretion of Management. Given the waitlist across our campuses, it is advisable to put the name of a child down for enrolment as soon as he or she is born.


To secure a seat at Dukesbridge preschool, parents are required to complete an Admission form, to sign the school’s Terms & Conditions and to pay the non-refundable one-off registration fee. Other required documents include the child’s birth certificate and immunisation chart as well a copy of the parents’ ID cards / passports.


One-off non-refundable registration fee for Bubs to Windsor: Rs 12,000 or Rs 9,000 for second sibling or more, payable upon registration.

Annual resource fee for 2019 Rs 7,000 payable by 30th November 2018

Mode of Payment: standing order only – no cash payment or cheque accepted

Frequency of payment:

  • Deadline to pay Annual resource fee: 30th November of the previous year

  • Deadline to pay Term 1 fees: 23rd December of the previous year

  • Deadline to pay Term 2 fees: Last Thursday of Easter holiday break (April)

  • Deadline to pay Term 3 fees: 4th August


Rs. 6,000*
per month

9am to 4pm

per month

9am to 2pm

Rs. 5,000*
per month

8.30pm to 3pm
Interactive Learning

Holiday Club
Depends on duration

9am to 3pm**
Skills development

* An additional fee of Rs 1,200 applies to non-Mauritian passport holders per term

** Sessions available on weekdays during the holiday period.

Fees are subject to change at Management's discretion and parents will be given ample notice beforehand.


Termly Extra-School Services / Care Fees for 2019:

In Rupees

Termly Payment

(3 terms per year)

Monthly equivalent of the Termly Payment (illustrative purposes only)

Before School (7.30am to 8.15am)



After-School (2.30pm to 4pm) ✢



After-School (4pm to 5.30pm)



The After-School fee until 4pm is compulsory for Dukesbridge Trianon, North, Port-Louis and Helvetia campuses to account for the higher rental of the infrastructure

Sessions available during School term dates, on weekdays as set by the Ministry of Education


Latest News





Just like we dreamed it


Last week, Dukesbridge celebrated a milestone: the inauguration of Dukesbridge Primary school in Trianon. A great achievement for Dukesbridge which now comprises seven campuses in Mauritius after being established just over three years ago.



No one like my mum


Last Friday was such a memorable moment for the beautiful mums of our senior students as Dukesbridge put on a special Mothers’ Day celebration for them. I felt so proud to play a part in this. In fact, it all started about a couple of weeks ago when the Management asked us, teachers, for some suggestions about what we could do to mark this special day. For a few years, I had the opportunity to study and teach in a preschool in Australia and so, in passing, I spoke to my campus manager about my experience of helping the Aussie students host their mums at school. Little did I know that this would ultimately explode into a big, fun party for the mums across our campuses…



555 Launch


Dukesbridge's 5th campus was inaugurated on the 5th day of the 5th month of 2017. The Acting President of the Republic of Mauritius, His Excellency Mr Vyapoory, was the guest of honour at the Launch ceremony of Dukesbridge North campus which is one of the last few standing old French colonial houses in Pamplemousses converted into a preschool for children living in the North of the island. Also speaking at the Launch event was Mr Fakhru Mohamedbhai, the son of the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mauritius, a former national laureate and now an accomplished UK barrister selected by Legal 500 as one of the top ten commercial barristers under eight years' call. He has kindly sent us his speech for it to be published as follows. 



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Dukesbridge holds campuses in Moka (Off Gentilly Road), Vacoas (Saint Paul Road), Curepipe (Royal Rd, Forest Side), Port Louis (Motorway, Soreze), North (Royal Road, Mon Gout, Pamplemousses).

- ( 230) 433 7163 / 244 8019


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Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information. Please include child's date of birth and current place of residence.





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